Chester Firebreather


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BOOK 2 – The Secret of the Abandoned Factory

Chester Firebreather is more than a young man. He’s more than a son, more than a brother. He’s a superhero. Or is he?

As Chester struggles to find his true identity, a new super villain is born. Will Chester use his powers for the good of the people or will this new villain destroy everything that stands in his way?

Kindle Version

BOOK 1 – The Beginning

On the outside, Chester seems just like any other boy. He’s a bit taller, yes, and a bit smarter. And besides the fact that he discovers that he can breathe fire … Well, maybe he’s not just another boy after all. A chance encounter forces Chester to make a very importance decision. Does he run away from danger or does he stand up for what is right and embrace the superhero within?


Kindle Version